Caneland Redevelopment

Letter to Council and Stockland

15th June 2015

We have reached an important point in our discussions and negotiations with Stockland regarding their future possible development of the Canelands. As you know, Stockland approached us and engaged with us to determine our issues and priorities for any possible future development of their land between Twin Waters and the Motorway. We have kept you advised of those discussions over the past several months. We have today forwarded the attached letter to Stockland and Council  requesting formal confirmation of the key principles that have been agreed and the mechanism that will lock in those principles for any future development of the Canelands whether that development is undertaken by Stockland or any other party.  The letter is self-explanatory.  However, you should note in particular the very important principle that is to be locked in regarding traffic access and egress to and from the any future development on that site.  The main point of entry will be from David Low Way, with a secondary point via Godfreys Road.  It will not be from Ocean Drive or through Twin Waters.  This is a significant point and we have been consistent about our requirement for this from the outset.  We are aware that this has been the major issue for our community. Overall, however, the principles to be locked in are intended to establish that any future development of the Canelands, if it occurs, will be a premium waterfront style development that will enhance the greater Twin Waters area.  We think this would be a very good outcome for our existing Twin Waters community. The next step is for Council to formally consider a request from Stockland to have the Canelands area commence a re-zoning process.  This will be considered at Council’s next meeting.  The re-zoning process itself will take some months and involve Stockland, Council and the State Government and it will include further phases of public consultation.  If the land is re-zoned from Rural to Residential, then Stockland would then have to complete and submit a comprehensive Development Application which would take at least 12 months to prepare and there would again be further public consultation.   The point is that  we are only still at the start of a lengthy process and, even if development is finally approved, nothing would happen on the site before mid-late 2017 and it would be 2018-19 before land would be ready for sale. We appreciate the feedback and support we have received from our members and the community and we firmly believe that our engagement with Stockland will ensure that any future development on the Canelands, if it occurs, will enhance our community.  We should also acknowledge the constructive engagement we have had with Stockland and their willingness to consider and take account of the matters we have raised on behalf of the Twin Waters community.

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Stockland Presentation

13th April 2015

Senior Stockland representatives have provided further details of options under consideration for the Canelands area and listened to the latest feedback from our residents. Stockland’s Matthew Byrne and Adrian Allen attended the TWRA General Meeting on April 13, delivering a wide-ranging presentation on the opportunities and key objectives for the Oceanside Drive site. They also outlined Stockland’s extensive history on the Sunshine Coast, its status as the region’s largest private investor, and plans to invest another $10 billion and create 43,000 new jobs over the next 18 years. Mr Byrne said Stockland’s latest thinking for the future layout and development of the site included:

  • A canal system to mimic existing waterways and serve dual recreation and flood mitigation purposes
  • The seamless integration of new development with the existing Twin Waters community to maximise key view lines and maintain the high quality and standard of homes
  • New parkland and a much-needed playground plus options to activate the northern bank of the Maroochy River for recreational use
  • Pedestrian and cycle pathways to continue and connect with existing development
  • A premium and aspirational lifestyle community

The Stockland presentation also tackled several important benefits and challenges expected to be raised by the development. These included the creation of landscaped mounds to reduce both  visual and noise impacts from the Sunshine Coast Motorway, managing connections with surround precincts, and taking account of the need for improvements in local traffic flow over time. Mr Byrne said there was an opportunity to create a landmark entry statement into Twin Waters, such as a sculptural gateway, to replace the currently run-down and uninspiring entry. He said there was also potential for a secondary entry and exit point for traffic into the community to help alleviate current pressure on the road system within David Low Way. Finally, Stockland also planned to protect and enhance native vegetation on the site and create a buffer zone to ensure it was also protected for future generations. Stockland vowed to continue a major program of community engagement and consultation with activity such as one on one meetings, an online survey and a possible design review workshop. The company has also provided an indicative timeline, which could see the site listed as a possible Special Investigation Zone in 2015 progressing through to commencement of construction in 2018. Contact details for the Stockland Representative are: Matthew Byrne – Development Manager Phone 5491 0100 or 0412 120 676 or Email: [email protected]


Caneland Redevelopment

Stockland’s original proposal for the development of the area, known as the Canelands, which is most of the open space between the existing western boundary of Twin Waters and the Sunshine Motorway. This has been the subject of a long-running possible development scenario which dates back to 2007. The matter was brought to a close in December 2013 when the Qld Planning & Environment Court refused an appeal by Stockland Development Pty Ltd (Stockland) against the Sunshine Coast Regional Council’s (SCRC)rejection of their Development Application for a Material Change of Use (MCU) for the land to be re-zoned from Rural to Residential. At this time our understanding was, as the decision by the P & E Court had not been appealed, that the case was closed and the land would remain zoned as Rural use. Stockland still owns this land and they are entitled to take steps to determine the future of it. Recently, they have started very preliminary consideration of their future options for the land could be. Their starting point is acceptance that the earlier scheme was not acceptable and that they erred, in particular, in not consulting with and listening to the Twin Waters community. Some preliminary discussions involving TRWA representative, Council and Stockland, plus expert town planners were held at the end of January on a “without prejudice” basis. No plans have been drawn and the discussions were at a high level, but concept such as “premium”, “equal or better than Twin Waters”, “lakes/canals” style residential blocks and “larger block sizes” were mentioned. We made it clear that genuine community consultation, as opposed to what happened with Stockland last time, would be essential if future support is to be achieved. Councillor O’Pray made it clear that he would be supporting the community position, whatever it is at any time. This said it is worth remembering that the land was originally controlled by Lend Lease who had the intention to replicate a Twin Waters style development there before they sold the land to Stockland. Any journey is only just starting and has a long way to go, including community consultation.

More Canelands Discussions & Progress 14th May 2015 Stockland and TWRA representatives met with the Sunshine Coast Mayor and senior Council officers on 13 May to provide a briefing on discussions to date and to consider a possible forward pathway and timeline. The Mayor welcomed the paradigm shift from Stockland to engage in  wide community consultations regarding the future of the Canelands.  The new concept plan with a lake and canals, premium waterfront lots and average lot sizes similar to Twin Waters together with amenity features to enhance the entire Twin Waters area were all viewed as positive. Our strong concern for alternative traffic access was noted and some options are being examined and viewed positively.  Most of all, our requirement to have any agreed conditions “locked in” regardless of who owns the land were understood and accepted by Council and a legal mechanism to do this was proposed by Council.  There is still a lengthy process (circa 12 months) to undertake for the land to be re-zoned and there will be more opportunities for public consultations and submissions to Council during this period.  Stockland reiterated their intention to continue to consult with our community as the process moves forward. If you would like to be kept fully up-to-date on developments in relation to the Canelands, we strongly suggest you join the TWRA (if you are not already a member).  TWRA members are kept advised by email as soon as possible after any relevant discussions with Stockland and / or Council.

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