Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) is a program organised by the community and supported by Queensland Police to reduce residential crime.

Householders are encouraged to join together in small informal groups for the purpose of improving the safety of their families and other neighbourhood residents.

Neighbourhood Watch is not a police scheme – it’s a community-driven program where Police lend their expertise to enable residents to organise themselves for the purpose of minimising crime. Neighbourhood Watch will only work if YOU, the community, support the scheme.

How can Neighbourhood Watch help you? By being a participant in the program, you help to establish neighbourly cooperation and contribute to your local community.

How can Neighbourhood Watch help me and my community?

  • Improved personal safety and household security
  • Reduce the number of preventable crimes
  • Provide support for victims of crime

Twin Waters NHW Coordinators meet in March, June and September, and NHW keeps residents informed through email notifications to TWRA members, reporting at monthly TWRA meetings, and publication of NHW Newsletters distributed to residents in March, June, September and December.


Please report anything suspicious to the Police or Crime Stoppers.

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