Jacqueline Eegdeman-Gerrits

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Jacqueline Eegdeman-Gerrits

Committee Member

Jacqueline is the Treasurer of TWRA for almost one year now. She and her family moved to Twin Waters when they first arrived in Australia in 2008 from New Zealand. They loved it so much here on the Coast that they decided to stay in Twin Waters and have been a member of TWRA since day one.

Born and bred in the Netherlands, Jacqueline was the youngest and only female Financial Accountant for a large corporation. She also worked and lived in Canada as a consultant to the Finance Department of a government owned entity. In 1997 Jos and Jacqueline left the Netherlands and moved to New Zealand following their dream. Jacqueline worked as an Accountant and later as an Investigations Officer for the Inland Revenue Department before joining her husband in their own business. This business was very successful and eventually sold before moving to Australia.

Currently they are running their own commercial printing business called “Copecats Printers” in Maroochydore. Jacqueline is also involved as the Team Manager for Little Athletics here on the coast.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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