TWRA has been involved in a number of projects over the years and information about these projects is provided below. They include the Canelands / Twin Waters West development, the Sunshine Coast Airport (especially the new Runway Project), and a presentation about the 2017 NBN installation in Twin Waters.

The largest of these projects involves the future of the land immediately to the west of Twin Waters, known originally as the Canelands, but now known as Twin Waters West. While Lend Lease developed Twin Waters, they also acquired interests in the sugar cane farms between Twin Waters and the Sunshine Motorway, and indicated their intention to replicate the Twin Waters development on that site. Lend Lease subsequently sold their interests to Stockland and Stockland has since put forward two quite different development proposals for the site.

The first, in 2008, was for a “first-home-buyer” style development with no lake or waterways, small blocks and high density housing. There was virtually no consultation with TWRA about this proposed development. The TWRA was very active in opposing that development and it was finally defeated in the Qld Planning & Environment Court in 2013. In 2014, Stockland engaged with TWRA and Council to develop a more acceptable style of development on the former sugar cane land. The principle of “equal to or better than existing Twin Waters” was accepted by Stockland and locked in via an amendment to the Planning Scheme that was supported by Council.

Stockland proposed a second development plan in 2018 in accordance with the Planning Amendment that was largely consistent with the principle of “equal to or better than existing Twin Waters”. However, both the Planning Amendment and the second development proposal from Stockland were opposed by sections of the community. After negotiations between Council and Stockland (and agreed amendments to the development plan), Council officers recommended that Councillors support the proposed development as meeting the requirements of the Planning Amendment. The full Council ultimately did not support the proposal. Stockland exercised their right to appeal the decision of the Councillors to the Qld Planning & Environment Court.

This section includes a number of documents that have been provided to TWRA members and the community over the years in relation to Twin Waters West. They are in two groups:

  • A single document “Canelands History" (2014) that relates to the first development application from Stockland; and
  • A number of documents that relate to the Planning Amendment and Stockland’s second development application. These are documents that refer to different aspects of this matter. The TWRA June 2022 Newsletter provides an overview of the history of Twin Waters West. The more relevant documents are: TWRA's Submission to Council on Proposal 1 (2009)TWRA Conditions Precedent TWRA's Submission to Council on Proposed Town Plan Amendment (2016)Stockland's Proposal 2 and TWRA's Submission to Council on Proposal 2 (2019).


Canelands History

Canelands – Development Appeal Rejected The Canelands is the name known locally for most of the open space between the …

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Caneland Redevelopment

Letter to Council and Stockland 15th June 2015 We have reached an important point in our discussions and negotiations with …

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Twin Waters History

Proposed Planning Scheme Amendment – Twin Waters West

TWRA Submission Clink on the link below to view the TWRA Submission to Council. TWRA-Submission 2nd Nov 16 Below is …

Proposed Planning Scheme Amendment – Twin Waters West Read More »

Information about the Canelands/Twin Waters West

14th December 2016 Dear Members Thank you to those members who attended the meeting this week.   I think you will …

Information about the Canelands/Twin Waters West Read More »

Airport Expansion Update

At the TWRA General Meeting on 16th February 2017, Peter Pallot was pleased to confirm the recent announcement that a …

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Proposed Planning Scheme Amendment – Twin Waters West (Canelands)

Click on this link to see TWRA’s submission dated 2 November 2016 TWRA-Submission 2nd Nov 16 Click on this link …

Proposed Planning Scheme Amendment – Twin Waters West (Canelands) Read More »

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