Threats against President & TWRA over Twin Waters West Planning Amendment

The TWRA has been involved with the future of the Canelands (Twin Waters West) since 2008.  There have been two distinct phases of activity:

    1. From 2008 until 2013, when the TWRA successfully defeated a development proposal for a high density, first-home buyer style of development; and
    2. Since 2014, when the TWRA, in response to an approach from the land-owner, took a strategic approach and sought to shape the quality of any future development on that site with the mantra:  Equal to or Better than Twin Waters.  This resulted in a Planning Amendment which incorporates high development standards and which has been approved twice by Council and twice by the State, in accordance with relevant statutory processes.

There is considerable information on this web site, under this section, about the TWRA’s involvement in both phases of activity.  

Unfortunately, there has been considerable abuse and criticism directed at the TWRA, and its office bearers, from persons who have sought to achieve a different outcome for the Twin Waters West land.  

This culminated in serious threats against the incumbent TWRA President in late-March 2018 that caused her to resign from the position of President.  The TWRA kept TWRA members fully informed via emails about this situation.  The following are the three key communications sent to members.  Apart from recording the actions, by what presumably are a small number of persons, the emails also reiterated the Facts about the TWRA’s involvement.  

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