2006 Airport Draft Master Plan

Airport Photo

TWRA had a significant impact on the SCA’s 2006 Draft Master Plan, resulting in it being withdrawn and redone to put the East-West Runway into the Strategic Plan. The first draft plan in 2006 proposed that the small, narrow, North-South Runway be extended at each end within the boundaries by approx. 190 metres overall. Fortunately for Twin Waters this did not happen.

A – June 2006 – SCA Draft Masterplan Exec Summ
B – July 2006 – TWRA Submission on Airport Master Plan
C – 31 Jul 2006 – Sunshine Coast Airport Residents response. 310706
D – Letter published in SCD 040706
E – 7 Sep 2006 – Letter to Mayor re Airport
F – 28 Sep 2007 – Letter to Councillor re Airport Master Plan – 280907

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