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New Residents

If you are a new resident of Twin Waters, Welcome!  If you are like almost all others who live here, you will love living here!

This section has some information to help you settle in. First, the basics:

Twin Waters Shopping Centre in Ocean Drive, near the Golf Club, has some shops that can provide almost all your day-to-day needs, including Foodworks, Twin Waters Medical Centre and Twin Waters Pharmacy, local eatery Cock & Hen, a couple of real estate agents, plus The Loose Goose Restaurant.  All of them are here to support our Twin Waters community and will welcome you as new residents.

North Shore Shopping Centre is the nearest larger shopping centre at Corner David Low Way & Menzies Drive, about 5-10 minutes away.  There is a Coles supermarket and several other stores there as well.  There is also an excellent shopping centre at Bli Bli, just across the bridge.  Of course, Sunshine Plaza Shopping Centre is 15 minutes away.  This is the biggest shopping centre on the coast.

Rubbish Collection: Bin Day is Friday (very early).  Bins go out Thursday nights.  General rubbish (red lid) is collected every week while recyclables (yellow lid) and garden waste ((green lid) are collected on alternate weeks.

Medical: The nearest medical centre and pharmacy are at Twin Waters Shopping Centre. . and  There are also medical centres at North Shore (diagonally opposite the Shopping Centre) and at Bli Bli and Maroochy Waters.  All of these are used by various residents here.  The nearest public Emergency Medical Centre is at Nambour General Hospital, which is approx. 20 minutes away.

Schools: The nearest state school is Pacific Paradise State School  and the nearest state high school is Maroochydore State High School .  There are several private schools in our area.  Many of the schools provide bus services that collect students from various stops on Ocean Drive (ask the schools for more details)

Preschool and Kindergarten: The nearest Preschool and Kindergarten is The Mudjimba Community Kindergarten & Pre-School (

There is a lot more to learn and know about the Twin Waters community and this will come with time.  We suggest you get to know your neighbours and you will meet plenty of people if you are a walker.  There are great walking tracks around Twin Waters.

We have a very active residents’ association and joining the TWRA is highly recommended. In particular, watch out for some of our community events during the year, especially our Birthday BBQ in the Park and our Carols & Fireworks in December. These are great family and community events. All are welcome.

Resident FAQs

Dogs. There are no areas within Twin Waters where dogs are allowed off-leash. There is just one area near Twin Waters where dogs can be exercised off leads: North Shore Beach. Click here for details.

Maintenance of Revetment Walls. Who is responsible for maintenance of the revetment wall on your property? The answer is you – the owner. Want to read more? Extract from Twin Waters Lake Management Plan 2019. SCC Twin Waters Lake Management Plan 2019 - 2029

Covenants. Lend Lease set a number of Covenants for Twin Waters land buyers that had the effect of prescribing some key elements of the appearance and character of Twin Waters as it was established e.g. minimum slope for roof profiles, home landscape requirements etc.  These Covenants are no longer applicable because they were not enforceable after Lend Lease left in 2005.  Council has always been clear that it will not enforce any developer Covenants across the Sunshine Coast.  As a matter of historical record, the Lend Lease Covenants can be viewed by clicking Twin Waters Covenants - Lend Lease Development Covenants (1997 - 2005).

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