As part of its commitment to connecting with the Twin Waters community the TWRA holds regular meetings open to all members and the public.

General Meetings.
General Meetings are held every two months at the Novotel Sunshine Coast Resort with dates and times published and promoted in our monthly TWRA Newsletter.

Annual General Meeting.
In August each year, the Annual General Meeting for the election of the TWRA Executive and Management Committee is held as part of that month’s General Meeting. At that meeting, an annual report from the President is presented and audited annual financial statements are also presented for adoption.

The known dates for forthcoming meetings and Minutes of recent meetings are set out below. Previous meeting outcomes can be viewed within the History Vault.

Date Meeting Minutes
05 Aug 2024 AGM
14 Oct 2024 General Meeting
02 Dec 2024 General Meeting
03 Jun 2024 General Meeting
08 Apr 2024 General Meeting
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