Anchorage Circuit Park Revetment Wall Repairs



The following email was sent to the Twin Waters Residents’ Association on Tuesday 14th April 2015

Dear Twin Waters Residents’ Association,

The following information is provided to keep you informed of upcoming works to the Anchorage Circuit Park revetment wall.

After an inspection of the walls in park areas at Twin Waters as well as a customer service request that was lodged earlier this year, remedial works to the Anchorage Circuit Park are planned for either the week beginning the 20th April or the 27th April. Works are likely to last for no longer than 5 days (weather permitting) and will be performed by a local contractor. A project sign will be placed in the area informing the local public of the planned works.

The remedial work proposed is along the southern section of the park, were it is planned to excavate behind the wall, then backfill with a filter rock. It is planned to also raise sections of the wall to ensure they are uniform in height. There is also a small portion of slab that is being undermined, which is also planned for backfilling with sand/filter rock in conjunction with the drainage works.

This type of work has previously been performed at Twin Waters with much success; hence the use of a similar technique for this park area.

Thank you


Mark Francis | Contracts Support Officer
Parks Operations & Contracts | Parks & Gardens
Infrastructure Services | Sunshine Coast Council

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