Dave Dunwoody

Committee member

I came to Australia from England with my wife and two young children as a 10-pound Pom in Feb 1967. After 2 years working in Brisbane as a diesel mechanic in transport and construction, we moved to Central Queensland into the mining employment and worked in five different mines and towns in mainly maintenance management.

Once the kids had grown, I took up a position with Coal India in India as a team member from Australia to work for the Indian government, 4 years later returning to Australia much more grateful for being so lucky to have so my much in my life.

After returning to Australia I worked as a mine consultant and then a year selling earth moving equipment here and overseas. Now single, I took a position in Venezuela with Shell Oil in a joint venture with their government at a coal mine in Mariciabo, followed by several years working in Colombia, Costa Rica and the U.S A.

After 10 years away, it was time to settle down and finally found Twin Waters which I love and have time to enjoy my retired life with car restorations, Golf, Noosa Car Club Chairman and support for Sunshine Coast Prostate Cancer Support group.

I also try to find time to be an active member of TWRA and aim to be helpful in any way to the hardworking team that we are lucky to have representing our residents.

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