Peter Braithwaite

Committee Member

Peter has previously been President of TWRA. He held the position for four years and is the longest serving president in the history of the TWRA. Peter was made a Life Member of the TWRA when he stepped down from the position of President at the AGM in August 2015. He has lived in Twin Waters, with his wife Margaret, for fifteen years, firstly in Lytham Court and latterly in ViewPoint. Peter’s career was in the insurance industry, mainly in Melbourne, and for a period overseas. After retiring he worked as a consultant on managing the settlement of insurance claims for a number of years, then came to Queensland where, with Margaret, bought a management rights business with the intention of eventually selling the business and returning to Melbourne where most of the family live. The business has long been sold but the return to Melbourne hasn’t happened yet. Subsequently he started and ran a golf tour company,bringing golfers to play on the Sunshine Coast’s great golf courses. Peter is a keen golfer and an avid AFL fan. He has three children, all now very adult, and six grandchildren. He firmly believes that TWRA is a great organization which has brought a number of benefits to all Twin Waters residents.

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