Indian Myna Birds

Indian Myna Birds

Help Council to control this pest

Hi Members

We have had a request from a member to share with you some important information regarding the Indian Myna Bird.

We contacted the Sunshine Coast Council who have given us some resources on this area.

Council say “Whilst there is no legislative requirement to control Indian Myna Birds, Sunshine Coast Council acknowledges they are a significant ecological pest and have a trapping program available to landholders that would like to control them on their property. We rely on the community to maintain loaned traps and euthanise captured Indian myna birds.”

As a whole the Sunshine Coast community removed 1330 Indian myna birds last year which aims to protect and assist our native birds and mammals against the impacts of Indian Myna Birds.

A handbook can be downloaded here, as well as a fact sheet here.

Unfortunately there is a waiting list for the traps.  If we have any members of the community that don’t have the stomach for the job but would like to contribute in terms of donating traps, we’d love to hear from you and we can put you in touch with our member Pauline who is very passionate about our native wildlife.


Sophie Lever,
Twin Waters Residents’ Association Inc.
Email:  [email protected]


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