Revetment Wall Maintenance

Hello members!

You will recall a few days ago I sent an email around to you all about Council’s weir maintenance project.

The contractor who has been engaged to do the repairs, Sunshine Coast Barges, have reached out to us to let us know they can offer you some competitive rates to assess works you may need to have done, as they will already have the barge and excavator combo on the lake. If you have any revetment wall repairs, or other services that you need to be assessed, please contact Oliver Fink on 0424 648 462 or Ian Michael on 0412 711 116 to discuss. They will be able to assess the work and put you in touch with an engineer to prepare a plan for Council approval (if required), and then carry out the work for you, once approved.

Sophie Lever,
Twin Waters Residents’ Association Inc.
Email: [email protected]

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