Secure your things

Secure your things

Opportunistic criminals are around.

Hi Members

You may have seen a video uploaded to our social media pages today of some unusual behaviour by some youths in recent days.

Please ensure your cars are locked especially if they are on the street.  A resident reported capturing (via their security camera) a group driving along Brushbox Circuit at 12:30am trying to gain entry into vehicles parked on the street.

Immediately prior to that time there had been some hooning reported on Nojoor Road

There were two other reports from Twin Waters residents of break ins or attempted break ins to vehicles.  One of them was in Sunorchid Place.

Police are aware and have taken notes.  They are keeping an eye out for similar activity in the area.

Please be vigilant and secure your valuables.


Sophie Lever,
Twin Waters Residents’ Association Inc.
Email:  [email protected]


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