Research and deceased shark

Hi Members

Some of you may have seen a dead shark floating in the waterways earlier today.  It has been retrieved by Council and it is currently awaiting collection at the Anchorage Circuit boat ramp.  I am told either UniSC’s Dr Bonnie Holmes will come and collect it to carry out possible necropsy and failing that Council will take it away.  It is rather large so machinery is required to achieve this.  Please be patient whilst they resolve things.

By complete co-incidence, the team at UniSC will be in the water over the coming days with drum lines and fishing for sharks so that they can carry out further research as part of a 3 year project to inform safer interactions between humans and the apex predator.  Please see here for further information:

Sunshine Coast News – Bull Shark Project

Griffith Uni will be coming along to our February General Meeting to discuss their research.  We may see if Dr Holmes can also join us.


Sophie Lever,
Twin Waters Residents’ Association Inc.
Email:  [email protected]


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