Sunshine Coast Airport Community Forum


The TWRA participates in the Sunshine Coast Airport Community Forum which was established by SCA to enhance co-operation and understanding between the airport community and the general community by providing a forum for dissemination of information. Issues for consideration by the Forum include residential amenity issues related to airport operations, information exchanges on current and future plans and general discussions on matters affecting the airport and adjacent communities.  The Forum meets on a quarterly basis at the Airport.

The TWRA’s current representatives on the Forum are Ken Vaughn and Con Guard.

It should be noted that, while the Forum does provide an avenue for discussion on any current operational issues, specific procedures are in place to deal with any immediate individual concerns, such as noise.  These should be referred to the following number (phone 1800 80 2584), where details may be lodged for further investigations by SCA and / or Air Services Australia.  If you wish, you can also advise the TWRA to our email at [email protected] where concerns can be collated for reference to future  SCA Community Forum meetings.

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