Twin Waters West

Twin Waters West

Council have decided

Hi Members

Twin Waters West

As many of you may already know, Sunshine Coast Council have made a decision in relation to the Twin Waters West Development Application and have voted in favour of the application, in a 6:4 majority.

Parties who have made valid submissions have the opportunity to now appeal the decision, within 30 business days from today.  Please see Council’s website for further information.

The TWW subcommittee are relieved that Council has made a decision – it has taken a long time (over 15 years) to reach this place.   We acknowledge that Stockland has endeavoured to make this DA proposal “equal to or better than the existing Twin Waters”.

The TWRA has been a significant player in this long running saga and our sub-committee is proud of achieving a vastly better outcome than was originally proposed back in 2007.  (1200 – 1400 dwellings and apartments then versus 450 housing lots now).

In saying that, we do acknowledge and respect that not everyone will be happy that a housing development, however superior the quality, is closer to going ahead on the old canelands adjacent to Twin Waters.

We respect the process and await further developments.

Fireworks Notice

As you already know, as part of our Christmas Carols celebration at Moorings Circuit Park, there will be some fireworks taking place within the park.

Ace Fireworks have asked us to formally advise the following:

Location:   Moorings Cct Twin Waters 4564    

Date:         Sunday 17th December 2023

Approx. Time: 6.15pm Time is a rough indication only

Duration:      Main display will be at end of night for approx. 10 minutes there will be loud bangs and pyro effects and loud noises throughout the event.

Please note: Fireworks can sometimes distress animals, therefore your pets may need to be secured accordingly.

Please be advised that all appropriate government authorities have been notified. If you have any questions or concerns, please phone our office on the above number.

Best regards,

Sophie Lever,
Twin Waters Residents’ Association Inc.
Email:  [email protected]


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