TWW #3 – Information for Members ahead of Public Notification phase – August 2023

TWRA Email to Members dated 19 August 2023


Dear TWRA Members

The Public Notification for Stockland’s Twin Waters West Development Application will commence next Monday, 21 August and run for 30 business days until 29 September.  Here is the link:  Have Your Say

The TWRA has been a force in determining the future of Twin Waters West – the first DA in 2007 (for 1200-1400 residences, high-density, dry-land development) was defeated in the Qld Planning & Environment Court in 2013 directly because of our intervention; the second DA (2018) was defeated in the same Court because the Judge deemed it was not good enough.   Stockland, Council and the P&E Court have all accepted that whatever happens on that land should meet the TWRA requirement that it be “equal to or better than the existing Twin Waters”.

The question now is – does Stockland’s third DA satisfy TWRA’s mantra that any development on that site is “equal to or better than the existing Twin Waters”?

Stockland has submitted that this latest DA satisfies everything that has been asked of them by the Council, the State and, importantly, the reasons the Judge rejected their second DA application.   This DA is for a premium “Twin Waters-like” development with lakes, parks, no apartments and a total of circa 450 residential lots.

The TWRA’s long-standing special TWW Sub-Committee reviewed available information and made a recommendation to the full 2022/23 Management Committee at its most recent meeting on 27 July.  While successive TWRA Committees over 15 years since 2008 have supported the stance TWRA has taken on Twin Waters West, on this occasion, two newer residents and Committee members did not support the recommendation from the TWW Sub-Committee.

The above information is provided to members in the interests of disclosure and transparency, which has been TWRA’s practice throughout this long-running saga.  We have always sought to have informed members and, to the extent possible via the Newsletter, an informed community.

Now it is the turn of members to express their views about Stockland’s third DA, as part of the Council’s Public Notification process.    We strongly encourage all members to make their views known to Council.  Public responses do matter and, strangely, a TWRA submission counts only as a single submission.

The key question for us is – Is TWW #3 equal to or better than Twin Waters?
The majority view of the 2022/23 Committee was that it is and that in some respects it is better than Twin Waters – wider streets, walkable waterfronts (no revetment wall issues for residents), larger parks, a community centre and the kangaroo reserve habitat with a viewing platform.
But what do you think?  Please let Council know.  [Link to Have Your Say]

There is a lot of information available if you would like to explore this in more detail.  Here are some sources you might find helpful:

  1. The TWW Discussion Paper prepared by the TWW Sub-C’tee for the most recent TWRA Management Committee meeting [link].  (This is the best summary of the TWRA’s position.) 
  1. The Council’s website with all relevant information posted [link] and a direct link to two key posts – the DA Summary [link] and the Flooding Report [link] (These links may take a few minutes to download as they are quite large files).  
  1. Stockland’s special-purpose Twin Waters West website contains a summary of their DA proposal.  It also includes two informative videos about hydrology & flood mitigation and the proposed enhancements and protections of the central wetlands.  There is also a traffic flow diagram of the TWW & DLW & Ocean Drive intersection.  [link]  (This link provides a quick overview of what Stockland proposes.)
  1. The TWRA website for a full history of TWRA’s involvement since 2008.  [link]

Now is the time for members and residents to provide feedback to Council about Stockland’s third proposal for Twin Waters West.

TWRA has been involved since 2008 to ensure that whatever happens on that land (which is included in the SEQ Regional Plan for future housing) is in the best interests of the Twin Waters community.

Please let us know if you have any questions about TWRA’s position on Twin Waters West.

Thank you for your ongoing interest and support.

Kind Regards

Sophie Lever
President TWRA

PS – Individual submissions to Council need to be “properly made”.  The easiest way is to use Council’s website form [Link] and make your submission online. However, written or email submissions are also acceptable if they are “properly made”.
Here is the information you will need:

  1. Application Details
    1. Application number – MCU23/0113
    2. Application address – Pacific Paradise – incl. De Vere Rd, David Low Way, Settlers Park & more
    3. Nature of proposed development – development involving residential, business, community and sport & recreation uses.  
  2. Your Personal Details
    1. Date of submission
    2. Full names, email, contact phone, postal address (signature if written but not required if made online)
  1. Details of Submission
    1. State what aspects of the proposed development you support or oppose, and the reasons (facts and circumstances) for your decision. [Is it equal to or better than Twin Waters?]
    2. Attachments (optional – for online submissions) 
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