TWW #2 – Written Submissions from Main Parties at P&E Court Hearing – August 2022

Following an onsite inspection, the formal hearing began in the Planning & Environment Court of Stockland’s appeal over the future of Twin Waters West, and concluded four weeks later. At this stage, there is no indication of how long it will take before the Judge delivers his decision.

The Written Submissions from the parties at the end of the hearing of the appeal are now posted on the P&E Court website. Links to the written submissions from Stockland (the Appellant) and Sunshine Coast Council (the Respondent) are below.

TWW Appeal – Council Written Submission

TWW Appeal – Stockland Written Submission

Looking ahead, two issues in dispute are of most interest – residential character and community expectations. Residential character includes lot size, intensity of housing and several other things. This prompted intense argument from both sides during the hearing, and the Judge may need to determine how much, or little, this issue forms part of his decision, if the appeal is allowed. The Community Expectations issue did not raise any new Issues in dispute, so any concerns were dealt with in the hearing.

This case is different to the recent proposed development for a new 5-star hotel complex by Sekisui at Yaroomba beach, south of Coolum,   which centred on a change of zoning. The Twin Waters West case is about compliance with planning requirements for a development in an already defined Emerging Community zone. There are three possible outcomes from the Hearing: 1. the appeal is allowed 2. allowed subject to various conditions or 3. the appeal is refused.

We’ll keep you posted when we hear anything further. 

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